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Helping Players Thrive After Leaving Professional Football.

LIFE FIT understands that for footballers nearing the end of their professional playing career, starting afresh, and looking for a job, it can be a daunting prospect:

  • LIFE FIT strives to help ex-players thrive in life beyond the world of professional football.

  • We believe that professional footballers can make a better contribution to the labour market if their adjustment out of football is properly supported.

  • Former professional footballers bring potentially immeasurable benefits to the jobs market.

  • Players can help to boost the profile of firms through their standing in the world of professional football, as well as bringing core skills.

  • After hanging up their boots, players have the physical and psychological traits to cope with challenging and demanding work across multiple industries and sectors.

  • Footballers, who have played professionally, can use their accumulated skills and wisdom for the good of the community.


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